2014 - 2015 Lions’ “Student of the Month”

8th Grade - Lions’ “Student of the Month”

The Parsons Lions Club sponsors an eighth graderecognition program, “Student of the Month”. Each month, all eighthgrade teachers nominate one male and one female to represent the MiddleSchool based on improvement in scholarship, attendance, responsibility, attitude, etc. The winning students are recognized at a noon luncheon the Second Tuesday of each month at Chinese Chef.

October 2014

Breanna Bedore

Tate Robison

February 2015

Ethan Good

Kori Burke

November 2014

Carlos Collins

Chandler Chavez

March 2015

Kirstin Carson

Nolan Westhoff

December 2014

Andrew Farris

Brianka Luton

April 2015

Gage Friess

Jensen Riley

January 2015

Allison Hicks

Trey Martinez

May 2015

Hannah Spriggs

Kevionne Williams