2014 - 2015 Rotary “Eagles Awards” Winners

7th Grade - Rotary “Eagles Awards”

TheParsons Rotary Club has a recognition program for our Seventh GradeClass. Each month, all seventh grade teachers nominate one male and onefemale student based on improvement in scholarship, attendance, responsibility, attitude, etc. The Eagle winner’s luncheon is on the third Thursday of each month at Chinese Chef.

October 2014

Alexis Meyer

Jordan Swart

February 2015

Lynsi Westhoff

Zach Faller

November 2014

Alexis Harper

Parker Pilkington

March 2015

Elijah Rux

Kylie Jenkins

December 2014

Quiten Perez

Yanet Dominquez-Ortiz

April 2015

Hollie Marlow

Miles Hogan

January 2015

Amaya Nixon

Anthony Pousher

 May 2015

Tori Peters

Michael Janssen