2016 - 2017 Rotary "Eagles Awards" Winners

7th Grade - Rotary “Eagles Awards”

The Parsons Rotary Club has a recognition program for our Seventh Grade Class.  Each month, all seventh grade teachers nominate one male and one female student based on the criteria of improvement in scholarship, attendance, responsibility, attitude, etc.  The Eagle winner’s luncheon is on the third Thursday of each month at Wall Main Street Event Center @ 2605 Main.
October 2016

Ashlynn Gharmalkar

Noah Paulie

February 2017

Jaelin Emery

Camron Flynn

November 2016

Caitlin Chalker

Michael Hatcher
March 2017

Olivia Jerred

Cedric Webb

December 2016

Alex Maldonado

Hunter Bennett

April 2017

Burgundy English

Dakota Pousher

January 2017

Jessica Smith

Zach Cowen
May 2017

Leticia Mota

Marcus Reinke